Friday, 12 August 2011

The Tismana camp

12 children from Glodeanu have left to the camp at Tismana: Cristinica (8 years), Adrian (7 years), Valentina (8 years), Florentina (12 years), Jeni (10 years), Loredana (12 years), Valentin (11 years), Georgian (12 years), Maria (12 years), Ana (12 years), Cristina (7 years) and Andreea (8 years).Together with their teacher, the children left for Bucharest on a small bus. From there they will go to Tismana until de 23th of August. This dream was made possible through the love of some good people who answered our request made here, on this blog, a few weeks ago.

We thank you all!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Baptism at Glodeanu

On the 16th of July it was a great joy at Glodeanu because the parents of Cristina and Mario have baptized their little Claudia Teodora. The baby girl was very quiet and slept right after her little bath in the baptistry.
Claudia Teodora
The tent
Preparing the food
The church

Father Marian Tudor
The baptism
The baptistery
Claudia Teodora

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Thank you!

Thank you Rewe Romania for all the help sent at Glodeanu in the past few months. In the last few months Rewe Romania, owner of Penny Market, has sent to Glodeanu hundreds of bags of goods (detergents, tableware, appliances, food, toys and sweets).

Thank you once more!

Monday, 4 July 2011

A glass of water for Adrian

Please help us build a fountain with drinking water for the village of Glodeanu. There is no drinking water in the village and this is really difficult for the children who have to walk miles to reach the nearest fountain. Water could be found between 50 and 200 meters deep, and deepending on this the costs are between 3000 and 20000 Euros.

We have faith that water will be found at 50 meters :)

So all the money donated this month will go to the digging of this fountain.

Thank you and may God bless you!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Tismana camp

A group photograph from the camp
Six children from Glodeanu will go between 12 and 23 august in the Orthodox camp from Tismana Monastery. The camp will be paid by an Orthodox Parish in France and is costs 215 Euros per child.

After reading this blog some other people from Great Britain, Norway and Romania decided to help send some more children to this camp. 

If you would also like to help please write to us at

Thank you all and may God protect you!

Here are some photos from the last camp at Tismana.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Notes from my last visit

I paid a visit to Glodeanu on Saturday, as I told you. I felt a joy that I can’t put into words when I saw them again and they were all happy and smiling. 

I encountered some of the children in the churchyard, right after service. Nicușor held a large plate with koliva and gave it to me in order to taste what his mother had prepared. I was glad to see the kids coming to church, for the service, especially on a Saturday, when we, urban people for example, rarely go to the Lord’s house on Saturday.

In church, I rejoined Mrs. Jenny, the teacher who is dedicated body and soul to the children and helped them together with other teachers to prepare the cards for the fair held in April. She told me about all the miraculous changes that have been happening in the past few weeks. Four of the children who received your and father Marian Tudor’s support and those to whom you have sent gifts are Mrs. Jeny’s pupils. She told me that the recent events have had a great impact on the children’s state of mind. For better. They have more appetite for life, play and books. I saw all this later that day when I stopped by their homes.
First stop was at Cristina’s house, where I saw the big blue-eyed Denisa again. I saw Nicușor, Vlad and Adrian. Cristina arranged our shoes we had taken off at the entrance. When I left, she whispered in my ear "You wear 37" (size 4 in UK).  They looked cheerful and energetic as any children of their age! That clumsiness I saw in their eyes at our first meeting vanished. Back then, they were sad and almost ashamed of poverty and the conditions in which we met, and somewhat embarrassed that we brought food and clothes. Now, the children greeted us with ease.
You can also notice the changes in Cătălin and Michael’s home. We found only Cătălin at home, who fled back into his mother's arms. But the house looks different – the bed is a proper bed now, the walls are lime-washed, the stove is clean, one can notice the freshly washed rugs spread on the walls, there are toys and curtains at the windows. I found some supplies and food in a box and outside, you could smell the freshly washed laundry hanged on the clothesline, waving in the wind. Cătălin's mother was not as scared as the first time. However, you can still read in her eyes the fear that someday, someone may come and take her kids away.

I was strongly impressed with Jeni. Beautifully dressed, she was sitting on a small bench in front of the gate with her sister, Florina and her brother, Bogdan. The minute we got there she told father Tudor that it was a good thing that he had paid for her participation in a French contest because Jeni won the contest, rating "excellent". I entered the room and Jeni got excited when she received a gift from Mrs. Luiza Almangiu, a gift that was wrapped with love and was sent from Bucharest. Her birthday had been at the end of May, so every thing she discovered in the gift prepared for her filled her with delight. Jeni impressed me because she was VERY CHEERFUL. Both she and Florina  were happy. At our first meeting Jeni was hunched an old lady, as if she was carrying the burdens of the entire universe on her shoulders. Now she was as happy as a butterfly, mainly because she had found out that she will go to the summer camp at Tismana at the end of August, by courtesy of a big hearted lady, who will bear the costs of camp for five children from Glodeanu.

When we got to Loredana’s house, we were not able to stay too long because it started pouring and we had to hurry so that our car would not get stuck in that muddy street. Lore received me as loving as always, between us there is a soul bound that can not be expressed in too many words. We both felt it at the very beginning of our first arrival in Glodeanu.

We dropped by Maria’s, who came out disheveled, with a big smile on her lips, looking happy to receive unannounced visitors. Fortunately, I read the same happiness on Marinuș’ face. He will also be going on the camp to Tismana. Marinuș signed like a doctor the document that had to be filled in before leaving for the camp. This kid is special. Not only will he graduate from school with "very good" marks, but he also seems to have developed signs of adult maturity and responsibility. He takes care of his younger siblings, just like a mother does.

This is what Glodeanu looked like on Saturday. I left that place much happier than I did after my first visit when all I could read in those children’s eyes was an immense sadness. I left thinking that things are on the right track, that baby steps were made towards a better life, because these children have THE CHANCE, they have a great chance. What is going to happen to them is the greatest joy of this year to me so far. Because they are the living proof that everything is possible. 

Much can be done if each of us gives a helping hand. Then each of us could mean so much to someone who never had anything. I left Glodeanu thanking St. Philophteia that she took care of these souls and their prayers were listened to especially because she is the patron saint of the village.  I'm sure these children have received and will continue to receive help from Saint Nicholas, from the Mother of God and from our Lord, Jesus Christ.
God will reward those who helped and will not cease to help the children!"

Nicoleta Ţintea

Sunday, 12 June 2011

I visited Glodeanu on Saturday...

I wrote about all the feelings I had experienced on yesterday’s trip to Glodeanu. I will come back and write about my observations on the children (Nicoleta Ţintea).

Marinuş's family
Some memories
Florina and her mother

Jeny reading her greeting card
Jeny trying her new dress

Jeny and the Father
Jeny opening her gift
With the girls
At Jeny's home
A mother's love
Jeny and Florina

Cătălin's home
Some food